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Welcome to Holistic Healing Therapies Dublin, your holistic home of therapy practice for Bio Energy Therapy, Counselling, and Reiki in the heart of Raheny and Malahide Villages.  I also offer distant healing in both Reiki and Bio Energy

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Welcome to Holistic Healing Therapies Dublin

Hello, Welcome to my website My name is Mairead, I am passionate about working with people, their energy and the mind body connection. My aim is to facilitate Healing, Growth and Energy shifts that  allow people to reach a new level of Health and wellness in themselves and their life. When we release blocked energy from our bodies it allows use to heal ourselves.

I am a Bio Energy Therapist, with a higher Diploma in Bio Energy Healing from The Bio Energy School of Ireland, which I gained in 2013. I am a Reiki Master trained with Aidan Storey.  I am a pre-accredited  member of the IACP  and hold a Professional Diploma in Humanistic Counselling.

I have also trained in The art of crystals and I have completed EFT level 1.

Since training in Holistic therapy in 2013, I have been passionate about working with people and their energy. Empowering them  to reach a new level of well being. I am committed to providing quality care in a safe confidential therapeutic space . I welcome you to look through my site.



 I am a Pre- Accredited member of the IACP Irish Association of counselling and psychotherapy. And Hold a Professional Diploma in Humanistic Counselling.. I provide one to one therapy in the Dublin area. I provide a safe, warm and confidential environment where clients are greeted in a non-judgemental way.Where they can explore and talk through issues. My work is focused and tailored to the client's requirements, helping them to address & challenge current beliefs and thoughts to allow change. Counselling can feel like  a daunting first step, But in my experience one well worth taking as it can lead to positive growth and self discovery. I have worked with people from all walks of life, those experiencing depression, grief, loss, trauma, to name but a few. I am committed to the highest degree of ethical practice including the IACP code of Ethics. I work form a non-directive personal centred approach and incorporate in other areas such as CBT, EFT and Holistic therapies.

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Bio Energy Healing

Bio Energy Therapy is a powerful energy therapy, based on an ancient Eastern form of healing  which taps into the body's energy system or chakra system. There are seven main chakra's, and each chakra nourishes a particular physical, emotional and spiritual aspect of the person.

When the chakra system is not working to its optimum the energy in one or all of the chakra's can become blocked, leading to ill health on a physical or emotional level. These energy blockages can be picked up a year before any Illness develops.

I am trained to become sensitive to theses blockages and through the use of a series of hand movements during a course of sessions, I can help you to clear these blockages leaving you feeling energized, and your chakra system balanced again. Balancing the chakra system activates the body's own healing system which in turn helps you to recover from any ailment, and helps you to reach an optimum level of health.

I have many years experience working with clients of all ages from young to old, with many different Issues.


can be defined as a healing art of balancing the universal life force energy that is in every living being, animal and plant. It works on the mind, body and spirit, working on the emotional, spiritual and physical levels at the same time.

Reiki speeds up the process of healing within the mind, body and spirit.

It is complementary to other therapies. I use my hands above or on the body to energetically sense for any imbalances.  Which allows me to then be able to work toward restoring balance and harmony to work toward greater well-being. This therapy works with the whole person, through the mind, body, and spirit. The results are feelings of peace, relaxation, security, and comfort.

It can restore balance to the energy system.

It clears energy blockages, which has an over all effect on health and well being and helps the body to heal its self.


Holistic Healing Therapies Dublin

We are accessible by public transport: Dublin bus: 29a, 32, 32a, 32b, 31, 31b North Dart Line, nearest station: Raheny

 10 Main Street, Raheny Dublin 5. 11 Jame's Terrace, Malahide, Co Dublin

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