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Bio Energy Healing

Bio Energy Healing   may help with,
Relieve stress levels, symptoms of stress on our physical and mental health.
Boost your immune system,
Speed up healing,
Help clear headaches  and other physical aches and pains.
Clearing energy blocks from the brow chakra may allow  for better clarity and clear thinking. self-confidence , shifting stuck emotional energy that can keep use in old patterns or ways of being.
It  also works  well on children and teenagers.

Bio Energy Healing

Bio Energy Therapy is a powerful energy therapy, based on an ancient Eastern form of healing  which taps into the body's energy system or chakra system. There are seven main chakra's, and each chakra nourishes a particular physical, emotional and spiritual aspect of the person.

When the chakra system is not working to its optimum the energy in one or all of the chakra's can become blocked, leading to ill health on a physical or emotional level. These energy blockages can be picked up a year before any Illness develops.

I am trained to become sensitive to theses blockages and through the use of a series of hand movements during a course of sessions, I can help you to clear these blockages leaving you feeling energized, and your chakra system balanced again. Balancing the chakra system activates the body's own healing system which in turn helps you to recover from any ailment, and helps you to reach an optimum level of health.

I have many years experience working with clients of all ages from young to old, with many different Issues.

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