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I am proud to share a handful of recent testimonials from happy clients. Holistic Healing Therapies Dublin is dedicated to exceptional client care, and will always go above and beyond for client care.


My 6 year old son had a session recently, he thoroughly enjoyed it and can't wait to go back Mairead was brilliant with him, I could see the difference in him after 1 session, would definitely recommend bio energy for children. Rachel

I have been going regularly to Mairead for Reiki sessions for almost one year. 

It is difficult to say exactly what Reiki does for me, every session is different but it is always healing. Mostly I feel Reiki calms me, it slows my thinking, helps me let go of 'noise' and doubt and to know what is and what is not. 

Mairead's warm and caring personality is wonderful and makes the session all the more valuable.


Dublin 3

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When I met Mairead I was suffering from stress and constantly feeling drained. After four sessions my mood and energy levels improved considerably, each session was wonderfully relaxing and enlightening. It is a truly uplifting experience both for the mind and for the body. I would highly recommend her. 


Bio energy healing with Mairead was super relaxing and found it to be highly effective for what I needed it for. It really helped shift some limiting beliefs I had about myself and for that I’m hugely grateful. Highly recommend and look forward to my next session already.

Barbara, Dalkey


When I first had a bio energy session with Mairéad it was because I was having problems with my throat.
I booked a session as I thought it would be a relaxing session and some time for myself to unwind. I in all honesty didn't really expect anything else.
However after one session the difficulties I was having with my throat had hugely improved and by 3 sessions they were gone. I was blown away. Mairead shifted something that I didn't realise was there and it had a massive positive impact on my life.
I continued to go for a while as I absolutely loved the sessions and now every so often I go back to re-charge!
My teenage daughter has also had some reiki sessions with Mairéad and has absolutely loved them.
The benefits for me personally have been huge and I couldn't recommend Mairéad enough.


After years of doing talk therapy, I found I was struggling and talking wasn't enough. 4 years ago I found Mairead and discovered bio-energy and literally it has changed my life and allowed healing to happen in my body and not just my mind that I had been holding on to since I was a child.
Mairead has a gorgeous, warm and grounding energy and I have experienced powerful energy shifts during my sessions.
I have also done sound therapy sessions with Mairead and can only describe these as extraordinary. Allowing Mairead to use sound to aid my healing process has literally been mind blowing and I would highly recommend it.

Testimonials: Testimonials
Testimonials: Testimonials


I've had bio energy healing and Reiki with Mairead and found both to be an uplifting and positive experience. It has helped me mentally, physically and spiritually. I would highly recommend this experience for everyone. 


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