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I am proud to share a handful of recent testimonials from happy clients. Holistic Healing Therapies Dublin is dedicated to exceptional client care, and will always go above and beyond for client care.


My 6 year old son had a session recently, he thoroughly enjoyed it and can't wait to go back Mairead was brilliant with him, I could see the difference in him after 1 session, would definitely recommend bio energy for children. Rachel

I have been going regularly to Mairead for Reiki sessions for almost one year. 

It is difficult to say exactly what Reiki does for me, every session is different but it is always healing. Mostly I feel Reiki calms me, it slows my thinking, helps me let go of 'noise' and doubt and to know what is and what is not. 

Mairead's warm and caring personality is wonderful and makes the session all the more valuable.


Dublin 3


When I met Mairead I was suffering from stress and constantly feeling drained. After four sessions my mood and energy levels improved considerably, each session was wonderfully relaxing and enlightening. It is a truly uplifting experience both for the mind and for the body. I would highly recommend her. 


Bio energy healing with Mairead was super relaxing and found it to be highly effective for what I needed it for. It really helped shift some limiting beliefs I had about myself and for that I’m hugely grateful. Highly recommend and look forward to my next session already.

Barbara, Dalkey

Testimonials: Testimonials

I've been a client of Mairead's for about a year now. I sought out Bio Energy because I was exhausted and just didn't know why. I felt like I was carrying the weight of the world, I was anxious and feeling depressed. Within the first few sessions I really felt like I had released so much and my energy levels had increased hugely. Last summer I was quite ill and ended up in hospital so I txt Mairead and she offered to do some distance healing for me, I felt the benefit straight away. I've also brought my 6 year old son along for a few sessions too and loves it.  He always leaves a very happy boy, full of laughter, looking forward to his next session.  I've always found Mairead to be welcoming, calming, passionate about what she does and will always go over and above for people. She is AMAZING, highly recommend. 

Anna :-)


I've had bio energy healing and Reiki with Mairead and found both to be an uplifting and positive experience. It has helped me mentally, physically and spiritually. I would highly recommend this experience for everyone. 


I first turned to bio-energy with an open mind and a heavy heart. While I couldn't identify the cause, I'd been feeling anxious, depressed and unbalanced for the best part of a year. I'd been down the conventional medicine route but nothing seemed to assuage the feeling of dread that had become an accepted daily feeling.

When I first met Mairead, her serene, professional manner exuded competency and instantly put me at ease. From the outset of my first session, I was amazed at how powerful bio-energy can be. Not only were emotional stirrings evident, but the strength of my body's physical reaction to the energy was shocking. I completed a course of 4 sessions, each one contributing something different to the overall experience. Although I definitely observed changes occurring during the course, it is with the gift of hindsight that I realize just how beneficial this treatment has been. Not only have my anxiety and depression dissipated, but I have a greater sense of clarity and renewed positivity.

Mairead herself has been an outstanding facilitator throughout this whole experience and I couldn't recommend her more. I truly believe in making the decision to take better care of myself, going forward - bio-energy sessions with Mairead will become become a necessary part of my life.

Thank you Mairead!

Julie Malahide

Testimonials: Testimonials
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