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Managing emotions at Christmas

Understanding and coping with the Christmas period. Christmas is almost here and the pressure to make everything perfect to feel happy can be enormous . We can experience a range of emotions at Christmas time that make it difficult to balance the holidays. Some helpful tips are ,

Self care - Take time out to experience your emotions, what ever they may be , grief, sadness, joy or that feeling of being overwhelmed with it all anxious or stressed. spend time talking to someone if it helps, make time for self-care have a coffee or catchup with friends.

Financial- don’t over spend Christmas is only a few days and the sublingual messages in media can have use panic buying, set your budget and stick to it. Keep reminding yourself that it’s only a few days and not all about how much we give financially , we can make gifts bake for people or share our Time.

isolation - Make plans with friends or family in advance. Get out and about and catch up with people.

Exercise- beat the cabin fever and spend time out and about in nature running walking, cycling what ever works for you.

Ask for help- lastly remember it’s okay to ask for help.

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